Book Scanning

Scanning of books, magazines and newspapers and old archives Records.

Whether you have old, fragile, historical, bound books or the latest full-colour, glossy magazines or publications, we have the facilities, experience, knowledge and accreditation to digitise your hard-copy material to your desired electronic format such as PDF searchable, Word document format, using our top of the range book scanning equipment.

Our scanning bureau uses state-of-the-art book scanners which use an overhead scanner (which uses true linear scanning technology) with sophisticated image capture processing. Image enhancement and restoration is applied to any poor quality or aged books in order to optimize the quality.

Once the book scanning process is completed goes through our rigorous quality control procedures. Scanned books are then converted to the required digital format such as PDF, JPG and TIFF or even Microsoft Word format.

Many e - book features can be applied to a PDF book such as converting them into text searchable PDF files, adding PDF bookmarks or PDF links from the index page or glossary of the book to the relevant sections.