Document Management System

Document Management System refers to the management of documents at all stages, from their initial creation right through to storage, archiving, distribution or shredding of any office documents.

Having a good document management system in place can significantly help your business with efficient organisation, storage and retrieval of important documents such as invoices, large drawings/plans, spreadsheets, client documents and offer a healthy return on investment.

Documents can be indexed by various field types, for instance by reference number, name, title or date. Pearl Scan's OCR technology can also be applied to your electronic documents which can automatically index the files for you. This process saves the users 95% of their time which is normally taken to manually index the files one by one therefore reducing overall costs by saving data entry time.

Such efficient document indexing systems mean that documents can easily be found and retrieved on-screen instantly. All of your scanned documents can be searched for in one easy step; you simply enter the required search number or address and press 'Find' or 'Enter' just as a normal search engine works.

In less than a second your file will be displayed upon your screen, now you can view, print or e-mail the files as required. Documents and files can also be retrieved by using an in-depth text based keyword search with our OCR document scanning.