Wide Format Scanning

Whether you are looking to simply have your drawings scanned to TIFF, PDF, JPEG format.

Or a library using a database storage and retrieval system (such as Halogen) where the drawings are stored and accessed more easily, quickly from a central location on your network (recommended for large volume of drawings).

Or if you wish to have your drawings scanned and converted to fully editable CAD (.DWG, .DXF format), we have the facilities, drawing scanning equipment, experience and accreditation to meet your needs.

The main advantage of plan scanning or drawing scanning is to preserve ageing of single copy drawings in a secure electronic format from which they can then be accessed instantly. Once these large paper drawings are scanned in they can be shared electronically between multiple staff afterwards and re-printed to any scale required from the high-resolution scanned images. It always offers peace of mind to have your plans backed-up electronically in case of any loss or damage to the original plans as well as being able to dispose of the original large format drawings if required. It is always worth checking the sizes of your drawings beforehand.